Water Jetting

The Advantages of Waterjet Oak Lawn, IL Technology – Versatility Meets Flexibility


Utilizing a high pressure stream of water or water with an abrasive substance, a waterjet is an industrial tool used to cut a line in a range of stock materials. Since the abrasive is simply added at the waterjet’s nozzle, it’s fairly easy to toggle back and forth between abrasive cutting and water only.

It’s this flexibility that boosts the versatility of a waterjet – allowing it to switch seamlessly from cutting – for example – half-inch foam gaskets to four inch titanium brackets. As the nozzle is guided along the material, the waterjet’s stream bends right along with it in the appropriate direction.

Signage is a very popular application for waterjet because it typically presents the information – such as logos, lettering, numbers or pictures – in two dimensions.

At All American Sign Company, we understand that high quality, leading-edge custom signs are always in demand and essential for any successful business. Our team produces the Chicagoland’s best custom signs and store front, monument and architectural signage with waterjet cutting techniques that result in a precise, distinctive finish. When compared to other forms of cutting, such as a laser cutting, the waterjet finish simply a “cut” above. With a smoother look that is free of burned-looking edges or chipping, waterjet can also save money in needless finishing costs. In fact, waterjet cutting is actually viewed as a “finish cut” and is routinely used for signage and displays. This applies to a range of different industries because the waterjet finish is usually the smoothest and most pleasing to the eye.

As a company dedicated to complete service, All American Sign Company, Inc., is here to handle every step of your next project. From design and engineering to fabrication, installation, and maintenance, we streamline the procedure by combining personalized customer service with our industry expertise.

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