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Benefits of Channel Letters for Your Store Signs

Channel letters are effective for delivering a 3D appeal that “pops”. It is a common reason so many Chicagoland business owners select this type of signage for their front entryways. There are multiple benefits to choosing channel letters for your new storefront. Just a few include:

Improves visibility.
With channel lettering it’s practically impossible for your business to go unnoticed. Particularly when they light up with use of LED bulbs, channel letter signs are easily visible from significant distances. It’s possible to light channel letter signs from the front or the back. Either way offers optimal visibility that appeals to potential customers.

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Save on energy costs.
LED lights are very efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Business owners not only increase the visibility of their signs with channel letters, but also spend less on energy costs. Traditionally lit signage consumes a significant amount of energy. Consequently, they generate higher electricity costs for the owners who display them.

Enhance awareness of your brand.
Your store will simply appear more appealing with a channel letter sign over the main entrance.
For example, some businesses select banners or flat-surface paints to display the name of their location. As a result, the message they display is not very interesting and signals a lack of investment in their brand awareness.

They offer service that lasts.
At All-American Signs, we create the body of every channel letter from light but durable material. The material resists rust and isn’t susceptible to damage from insects.

Get started with new signs that refresh the look of your storefront and draw in new customers! The signage experts at All-American Signs are standing by with affordable solutions for your Signs Oak Lawn IL needs.