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Signs Cicero IL

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Chicagoland’s leading source for affordable LED Signs Cicero IL. Just some of the advantages to LED signs for your commercial location include:

Long Service Lifespan

Quality LEDs bulbs offer a very long lifespan. For example, some LED bulbs last up to 100,000 hours. That’s approximately three to five years longer than some neon and fluorescent bulbs. Besides lasting so long, they maintain a greater brightness level throughout their service lifespans.

Brightness that Draws Attention from Potential Customers

Among the main factors that distinguish LED signs from other varieties is simply their brightness. LED signage technology emits clear, vibrant light that’s easy for your customers to read at a distance. LED Signs Cicero IL stand out at nighttime and are equally visible in daylight. Consequently, customers get a clear view of your message and logo.

Signs Cicero IL  – Impressive Letter Appearance

Anyone who owns neon or fluorescent signage probably knows it can be a battle to keep them lit consistently. It can seem as though at least one of the lights continually needs replacement or is too dim. This can present a problem because a poorly-lit sign presents an inefficient message. As a result,

customers get the impression that you’re not paying attention to details. LED bulbs eliminate this problem because their long service life and efficiency keeps them lit longer than conventional lights.

Ecologically Friendly

Typical LED signage uses only about 10 watts, which is much lower energy consumption in comparison to neon devices. This low power need results in less impact upon the environment. This helps businesses adhere to high energy consumption standards and reduces lighting expenses. In addition, in contrast to neon or fluorescent lighting, LEDs do not contain any toxic gas such as argon or mercury or argon.

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