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Chicago LED Signs

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Update your building’s appearance and messaging with a colorful LED signs! All American Sign offers a wide selection of colors that utilize LED strip lighting. Both energy efficient and appealing, Chicago LED Signs are a great way to attract customers and represent your business. LED signs are generally more durable and sustainable in comparison to other forms of illuminated signs. In addition, they’re simply a good investment for businesses because they’re so cost-effective.

Did you know that LED signs are up to 90 percent energy efficient than conventional incandescent light bulbs? Plus, they’re about 80 percent more efficient than neon signs. That makes them a great replacement for your current, possibly outdated signage. The service lifespan of LED lighting provides is generally ten years or even longer. Additionally, they require virtually zero maintenance and you can use LED signs for inside and outside applications.

The Many Benefits of Chicago LED Signs

Digital signs are a smart promotional investment for practically any commercial entity with a physical location. Indeed, other types of advertising just can’t compete in terms of value and effectiveness. For example, old-fashioned print advertising in newspapers continues to decline significantly. Likewise for radio advertising as motorists increasingly choose ad-free streaming services. The effectiveness of yellow page advertising also shows major declines in consumer response while cost to the advertiser rises sharply. As for TV advertising, more and more viewers simply DVR their choice of programming and watch it ad-free later on. LED advertising, however, gets results.

Attract New Business with LED Signs

LED signs are very effective for businesses as wells as organizations like schools or churches. Research from the Small Business Administration even shows that LED signs are among the least expensive types of advertising. Chicago LED Signs provide the capability to target a wide audience of potential clientele at lower cost than conventional advertising. Many business discover they may lower their ad budgets slated for other mediums by utilizing their business signs. Adding an outdoor LED sign is like your own mini-media outlet directly in front of your commercial location.

As an example, consider a business that sees a rise in sales of only five percent. For many businesses, that increase would enable them to pay for the purchase of a sign in a few months. After that point, later growth in revenue can reinvest back into the business.

Certainly, LED signs are an excellent way to connect with customers when they’re in position to act upon your messaging. Effective advertising strategies are about reaching the right potential customers at the right time. With Chicago LED signs in front of your location, foot and vehicle traffic sees them multiple times. Consequently, you get recurring exposures that are very difficult with other, more costly advertising methods.

Also, on site LED signs offer you full control of your messaging because you can change it as you wish. In contrast, radio, print or TV ads are set as is and can take much longer to update. With LED signs you may immediately impact your business by simply altering the message.

All American Signs – LED Signs for Your Chicago Business Location

Along with the very important benefit of boosting revenue, LED signs can achieve the following objectives for your business:

-Establishes a unique identity that sets you apart from your competition.

-Reminds existing and potential customers of your services and products.

-Attracts new customers.

-Promotes your inventory.

Some Basic Info About Chicago LED Signs

For starters, “LED” stands for Light Emitting Diode. An LED is simply an effective, very efficient and very bright alternative to standard incandescent light bulbs. In contrast to conventional light bulbs, LEDs don’t burn out due to lack of a filament. All American Signs uses only high quality single-bin LEDs which are categorized according to brightness and color value.

This ensures consistently throughout the whole sign. Also, we calibrate every sign for optimal brightness and color for uniform image quality and enduring colors. Lesser quality LED signs that don’t receive calibration can start to exhibit variations in color. This can even start to occur after just a few months of use.

Pixel Pitch and Matrix

You’ll likely hear the term “pixel pitch” in relation to LED signs. For example 8 mm or 12 mm. Pixel pitch is basically about a sign’s resolution. The resolution of a sign depends upon the distance in between the pixels. Typically it’s comprised of a three LEDs, with one red, one blue and one green. Pixel pitch refers to the distance in millimeters. The smaller the pitch, then the closer together the LEDs. The result is a tight resolution with sharp images.

“Matrix” is another term that relates to LED signs. This is the number of pixels wide by the number of pixels high. For example, two signs with the same external measurements but are different pitch will feature a different matrix.

Selecting LED Signs for Your Business

Our staff can provide valuable information to help you select an LED sign that’s ideal for your business location. We’ll provide product details, creative ideas and reliable recommendations. To that end, we’re confident you’ll select a sign that perfectly represents and attracts customers!

The way you plan to utilize your LED sign affects the size and resolution that’s appropriate to your location. For instance, do want your sign to attract highway motor vehicle traffic from a distance? Or perhaps at closer range by a blend of vehicle and foot traffic? What sort of content shall your sign display? Will you display animation, still images or both? Where will you mount your LED sign? Our knowledgeable staff members can review these issues with you and recommend your best options. Other factors such as traffic speed, viewing distance, zoning and space limitation also play a part in these decisions.

When it comes to determining the appropriate sign size for your business location, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, take into account the speed and variety of traffic and distance from the road. Second, consider things like zoning, space limitations and – of course – your sign’s content.

Take enough time to consider how you’ll optimize your LED sign. Sign size and its resolution can affect the type of content you can display. For example, smaller signs are appropriate for text and basic logos. Larger signs offer more versatility for various layouts such as logos, text and images. Detailed product images are best on a higher resolution sign.

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As with most purchases, size, quality and features can all impact the price of your LED signage. It’s helpful to view an LED sign as a marketing investment rather than a capital investment.

Unlike conventional advertising, LED signs provide remarkable value and an ongoing return on your investment. After all, by investing in an LED sign you retain control over your message. You won’t sacrifice time and cost getting an advertisement into circulation. Rather, your message reaches people at a time when they’re most likely to act upon it.

Too often, small business owners will sacrifice quality for lower price and buy an inferior product. Then, they need to replace it a short time later. While low pricing is tempting, the initial savings might end up costing more in the long term.